Joanna Wood | International Interior Design Practice
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Home Wear and Tear? Get In Touch

The lockdown has forced us to change the way we offer a bespoke interior design service. Our own showroom has been a real godsend as we were able to scheme and plan as normal.
What I did find is that many of our previous clients got in touch to ask for our help. It seems that so much time spent inside really made people realise what works in their homes and what doesn’t; which paint colour they love and which curtains need to be replaced immediately. Families whose adult children immediately decamped to their childhood bedrooms or whose younger ones were running amok with the schools closed, made appointments for fairly urgent post-lockdown design meetings, either for small jobs or with ideas for a whole room or whole house refresh. Lots of our clients have found the need to create home offices and with a possible move to permanent home working for many, we’ve been called upon to give interiors a refresh to suit these big lifestyle changes.
Whatever you might need, from a quick cushion update to a full house refurbishment, we can help.