How To: Mirrored Glass Placemats
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Small Home, No Problem!


Designing your home to reflect your style can be one of the best parts of being a homeowner or renter. If you’re living in a small home, like a bungalow style house, it can seem a little more difficult to create your perfect aesthetic without cluttering up the space. But turning your home into a reflection of your personality doesn’t have to be challenging whether you’re renting a home in Clapham or California.

To help you find the perfect design style for your house, Redfin reached out to us  for our best bungalow interior design ideas and you can read the full article here: Small Home, No Problem! Here’s the 14 Best Bungalow Interior Design Ideas | Redfin

“Think multifunctional when it comes to furniture

Multifunctional pieces are key in a smaller home – think tables as desks, chairs as bedside tables and if you’re really struggling on space for guests, a day bed can be dressed up to be a very pretty sofa. Be clever with walls and wall mount anything you can. Sconces, mirrors, televisions and storage. The right lighting is key so get some expert advice there- a well placed mirror will also make a room seem double its size.” – Joanna Wood, International Interior Design Practice, Joanna Trading Ltd.