How To: Mirrored Glass Placemats
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How To: Mirrored Glass Placemats

As the nights get darker earlier, I’ve been looking at ways of brightening up our Kitchen suppers and creating that warm evening glow that signals the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. So here is my how to for mirrored glass placemats I’m still enjoying some beautiful wild flowers from my garden so have been filling the house with bunches of posies in jam jars and glass pots- both things we seem to be endlessly collecting.

Putting these simple home decorations onto a mirrored surface gives this wonderful illusion of space- the flowers seem bigger and brighter. You can shop our glass laurel placemats and matching coasters which I used for this homely supper. If you’ve incorporated lots of colours into your flowers then keep surrounding items simple- the mirrors will amplify the colours you already have so I like pairing these with clear crystal, classic clear glass wine glasses and bone or silver cutlery. Include some tealights or candlesticks and these will create a wonderful twinkling effect reflected in the surrounding glassware.